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Reducing the environmental impact of the operations and products

In this strategic priority,
Grupo Nutresa explains the progress and management of five material issues:

Water resource management


To reduce the direct and indirect impact on water resources throughout the value chain and mitigate the risks associated with shortages or deterioration in the quality of the resource, as an essential resource for the Company’s operations and for the local communities.



To optimize energy intensity in industrial, commercial, logistics and administrative operations, by promoting a culture of efficient use of this resource and migration to cleaner sources of energy.

Climate change


To contribute to the mitigation of and adaptation to climate change through the implementation of actions aimed to reduce Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions, the ongoing search for greater energy efficiency, the implementation of clean technologies, the efficient use of raw materials in Grupo Nutresa operations and the evolution of products to meet the demands from a more conscious market.

Packaging and post-consumption


To offer a portfolio of products that are more sustainable throughout their life cycle by including the principles of eco–design and extended responsibility in packaging.

Waste management


To diminish waste generation and increase its use in order to reduce operating costs and mitigate environmental impacts, in both direct operations and in the value chain, by extending the life cycle of materials.

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