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Managing responsibly the value chain

In this strategic priority,
Grupo Nutresa explains the progress and management of four material issues:

Development of our people


To promote the comprehensive development of human capital in order to achieve the availability, commitment and productivity of individuals, ensuring skills and talents in the short, medium and long term to achieve the objectives of the Organization.

Quality of life


To promote healthy lifestyles and develop a culture of self–care that contributes to employee welfare and balance, positively impacting productivity and commitment to the Organization.

Responsible sourcing


To ensure business continuity, capitalizing on opportunities and managing the effects, risks and impacts generated outside the Company’s direct area of control, by incorporating social and environmental variables in the management of the supply chain.

Responsible sales


Achieve our customers’ satisfaction and loyalty, offering best purchase experiences with differentiated and sustainable value proposals that exceed their expectations, supported by a customer-centric organization model.
The Organization strongly believes that its actions contribute to community development through improving commercial relationships and supporting the most needy people segments.

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