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Building a better society

In this strategic priority,
Grupo Nutresa explains the progress and management of three material issues:

Human Rights


To manage strategies aimed at promoting, identifying and monitoring behaviors that violate human rights by leaders, direct employees and contractors in a structured manner, in order to consolidate a work culture that appreciates diversity in all its forms, that is inclusive and that capitalizes on difference to benefit innovation, attraction and commitment of the best talent.

Developing capabilities and education


To contribute to improving the education of children and youth in the communities with which Grupo Nutresa interacts, by developing educational, leadership and management capabilities to face poverty and promote their sustainability, transformation and quality of life.

Food security and nutrition


To design and undertake initiatives aimed at eradicating hunger, which generate possibilities of nutrition and the development of capabilities in healthy habits, such as balanced nutrition, effective hygiene practices and physical activity in low–income populations. Likewise, through community gardens, promote access to and production of food.

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