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Sustainable sourcing

Acquisition of goods and services under social and environmental principles that generate benefits to the value chain and to the organization.

Complementing the management of the supply chain through the incorporation of socio–environmental variables allows Grupo Nutresa to administer the impacts that occur outside its control, as part of a strategy to capitalize on opportunities and manage potential operational, financialor reputational risks. The management of this material issue creates financial and social capital for the Organization, by mitigating financial riks, generating efficiencies and building long–term relationships with farmers and other suppliers who depend, to varying degrees, on the purchases made by the Organization.


Incorporate socio–environmental variables in the management of the supply chain, which allows Grupo Nutresa to administer the effects and impacts outside its area of direct control.


  • Implement a strategic sourcing model.
  • Manage commodities to reduce the negative impacts inherent to the markets.
  • Promote sustainability in the supply chain.

Progress on the strategies to 2014

  • We implemented a strategic sourcing model in international platforms, with which we achieved savings for COP 6.913 Billion.
  • In order to leverage the competitiveness of the Grupo Nutresa purchases, we consolidated the purchase representation office in Shanghai, China.
  • Since October 2014, we have applied the strategic sourcing model to the Tresmontes Lucchetti (TMLUC) business, with savings in purchases of COP 338 Million.
  • Thanks to the implementation of a risk policy and the management of the Commodities Committee, we reduced the negative impacts in the coffee, cocoa and meat markets.
  • We updated the social and environmental risks in the supply chain through the analysis of 124 purchasing categories.
  • We launched the human rights policy with nearly 900 suppliers of goods and services.
  • We trained 199 suppliers in topics associated with management systems, including, among others: sustainable development, occupational safety and health, legal updating, money laundering and the financing of terrorism, human management and the development of being.

Commitment to 2020

Achieve the objectives and the public goals associated with the sustainability of the supply processes,
including a 12% reduction in the consumption of packaging material by 2020.


The supply chain will continue to be managed as a Grupo Nutresa strategic priority, since a significant Commitment to 2020 portion of the risks and opportunities for a company in the food sector comes from this ecosystem.