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With its GERMINAR program, Nutresa is an INspiring company


In the framework of the ANDI 3rd Colombian Business Congress and 74th General Assembly, held in Cartagena last week, Grupo Nutresa was recognized for its commitment to solving social challenges and was included in the first list of “INspiring Companies” of Colombia. This list comes from Change the World, an exercise that has been carried out by the FSG consulting firm with Fortune Magazine since 2015, and which the ANDI Foundation has taken up in Colombia with the objective of encouraging companies to promote business opportunities that create high social impact for society.

This recognition was awarded to Grupo Nutresa thanks to the good results obtained in the GERMINAR Program, which has benefitted more than 400 families belonging to seven cocoa, cashew, and sesame producing associations in Montes de María, Chocó and the Sierra Nevada of Santa Marta. Likewise, it has contributed to the improvement of the farmers’ quality of life by planting crops that allow them to be self-sufficient.

“Through this strategy of rural and urban gardens, Fundación Nutresa provides tools, seeds, training, spaces to share experiences and technical assistance that allow farmers to access the cultivation of alternative products for consumption in their own homes or barter them within their communities. With this, we seek to promote agriculture and sustainable consumption to improve the quality of life of the communities,” said Carlos Ignacio Gallego P., Grupo Nutresa CEO.

During the eight years of the project, Fundación Nutresa has delivered a total planting area of 5.900 m2, where yams, onions, spinach, cilantro, beets, cucumbers, bananas, among others, have been produced. Also, nearly COP 1.400 million has been invested for agricultural strengthening and accompaniment in territories where it is vital to guarantee food security.

GERMINAR was selected as an INspiring initiative from more than 100 projects, evaluated by a multidisciplinary team under the following criteria: social impact, result for the business and the inclusion of historically neglected or marginalized groups.

This recognition ratifies Grupo Nutresa’s commitment to positively impact communities and contribute to the construction of A Future Together.