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Appointment in the Directorate of Investor Relations


Grupo Nutresa announces the appointment of Catherine Chacón Navarro as the new Director of Investor Relations, replacing Alejandro Jiménez Moreno, who was recently appointed Commercial Director at Oriental Coffee Alliance (OCA) en Malaysia, a joint venture with Mitsubishi Corporation.

The new director holds a Bachelors in Business Administration from Berkeley College in New York and has an MBA from IE Business School in Madrid. She has taken executive courses in NYU, Harvard and the University of Virginia. She has experience in Finance, Corporate Banking and Investment Banking, most recently in the Investment Banking division at Grupo Bancolombia where she was Vice President of the Industrials, Consumer, & Retail Coverage Division.

Catherine will continue implementing best practices in matters of transparency, information disclosure and communication with Grupo Nutresa’s investing community, and will be responsible for ensuring proper management of relationships and contacts with this group.

Catherine will begin working March 1st, and will continue to transition with the previous Director until the Grupo Nutresa General Shareholders’ Assembly, to be held on March 29, thus ensuring an optimal level of service for the investing public.

We wish great success to both executives in the positions they will be assuming.

Below is the contact information of Mrs. Chacón:

Catherine Chacón Navarro
Tel: +57(4)3258731
Carrera 43 A # 1 A sur – 143
Edificio Santillana, Piso 7, Medellín, Colombia