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Ice Cream

The Ice Cream Business produces and sells, among others, popsicles, milk popsicles, cones, liters, desserts, cups and ice cream cookies.

Direct presence in one country.

Production Plants

  • Colombia (3)

Principal Companies:

Ice Cream20122013201420152016
Total sales (COP billion)380486537444436
EBITDA (COP billion)6181806153
EBITDA Margin15,9%16,7%14,9%13,8%12,2%
Sales Colombia336380422444436
International Sales (USD million)34,5%37.9%30,9%24,2%0%

* Compound Annual Growth Rate

Total sales

COP billion

Ice Cream represents 5,0% of total Group sales


COP billion

Represents 5,2% of total ebitda Group

Sales Colombia

COP billion

Sales Colombia represents 100% of all business unit