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$ 26.820
Closed $ 26.500
Variation 1,21%




The Chocolate Business produces and sells chocolate candies, chocolate drinks, milk modifiers, cereal bars and nuts.

It is the leader in Colombia in the category of chocolate confectionary, hot drinking chocolate, milk modifiers and nuts. It has significant shares in Costa Rica and Peru in the segments of milk modifiers and chocolate confectionary.

Direct presence in eleven countries.

Production Plants

  • Colombia (2)
  • Central America (1)
  • Mexico (1)
  • Peru (1)

Principal Companies:

Costa Rica

  • Compañía Nacional de Chocolates DCR S.A.
Total sales (COP billion)9409831.0741.2681.421
EBITDA (COP billion)144150135124147
EBITDA Margin15,3%15,3%12,6%9,8%10,3%
Sales Colombia671676730796891
International Sales (USD million)150164172170174
Sales innovation8,8%13,5%19,0%22,0%

* Compound Annual Growth Rate

Total sales

COP billion

Chocolate represents 16,4% of total Group sales


COP billion

Representse 14,2% of total ebitda Group

Sales Colombia

COP billion

Sales Colombia represents  62,7% of all business unit

International Sale

USD million

International Sale represents 37,3% of all business unit