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Closed $24.060
Variation -1,50%


Cold Cuts

The Cold Cut Business produces and sells processed cold cuts, matured meats, sausages and canned vegetables, prepared ready-to-eat dishes and mushrooms.

It is the leader in market share in Colombia and Panama.

Direct  presence in three countries.

Production Plants

  • Colombia (8)
  • Panamá (1)
  • Venezuela (1)

Principal Companies:


    Cold Cuts2012201320142015
    Total sales (COP billion)1.7271.9111.6241.909
    EBITDA (COP billion)221253223232
    EBITDA Margin12,8%13,3%13,2%12,0%
    Sales Colombia1.2741.3201.4661.573
    International Sales (USD million)256308101118
    Sales innovation24.8%25.3%20.4%17,9%

    * Compound Annual Growth Rate

    Total sales

    COP billion

    Cold Cuts represents 24,0% of total Group sales


    COP billion

    Respesents 23,8% of total ebitda Group

    Sales Colombia

    COP billion

    Sales Colombia represents 82,4% of all business unit

    International Sale

    USD million

    International Sale represents 17,6% of all business unit

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