Nutresa Share

$ 27.160
Closed $ 27.080
Variation 0,30%



The Coffee Business produces and sells roasted and ground coffee, instant coffee -in powder, granules and lyophilized- coffee extracts and coffee blends.

It is the leader in market share in Colombia in the categories of roasted and ground coffee and has a significant share in the segment of instant coffee.

Direct presence in twelve countries.

Production Plants

  • Colombia (4)
  • Malasia  (1)

Principal Companies:

Total sales (COP billion)810789776891956
EBITDA (COP billion)89134145155155
EBITDA Margin11,0%17,0%18,7%17,4%16,2%
Sales Colombia525511505531569
International Sales (USD million)159149135132126
Sales innovation15,2%14,5%15,5%15,5%

* Compound Annual Growth Rate

Total sales

COP billion

Coffe represents 11,0% of total Group sales


COP billion

Represents 15,1% of total ebitda Group

Sales Colombia

COP billion

Sales Colombia represents 59,5% of all business unit

International Sale

USD million

International Sale represents 40,5% of all business unit