Nutresa Share

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Closed $ 26.000
Variation -2,54%

Group Structure

Grupo Nutresa’s corporate structure begins from the Presidency, which seeks to ensure the capabilities of the Organization; address the decisions that enable it to achieve the Mega 2020; ensure its sustainable, profitable growth; and develop the pillars that support the business model:  people, brands and distribution networks.

It is accompanied by a Vice Presidency of Corporate Finances that contributes to Grupo Nutresa’s growth by supporting the investment plans of the different Businesses.

Operationally, Grupo Nutresa is composed of the Cold Cut, Biscuit, Chocolate, Tresmontes Lucchetti (TMLUC), Coffee, Retail Food, Ice Cream and Pasta Businesses.

In Colombia, commercial management is supported by Comercial Nutresa (dry products) and by the Cold Cut Business (frozen and refrigerated products), as well as alternative sales channels, such as Novaventa (catalogue and vending machine sales) and La Recetta (institutional food).  Abroad, it also has its own exclusive distribution companies.

Administrative services are provided to all Grupo Nutresa companies by Servicios Nutresa, responsible for providing solutions in supply, infrastructure, finance, auditing, legal assistance, risks and security, human development and communications, among others.